Protocole for Outing in France, Hauts-de-Seine

I will be hosting a Mann’s Retreat this Saturday August 21, 2021 in the morning in the Parc de Sceaux. At the time of my writing this topic, there are two set of rules applicable:

  1. Rules relative to France
  2. Rules from the Préfecture of the Hauts-de-Seine département

In brief, we are to wear masks at all times (Hauts-de-Seine requirement for all outdoor organized gatherings).

I am imposing extra protocoles.

  1. Persons must pre-register.
  2. A “passe sanitaire” will be required as if it were a gathering for 50 persons or more.

In addition, I am also proposing an optional self-administered (“auto-test”) activity. Attendees are invited to bring two auto-tests: one for themselves and one for another who wouldn’t have brought an auto-test. Even vaccinated, those who participate in this activity will have fun auto-testing.